Steven Lee Tracy

Producer - Engineer - Mixer - Musician

Since selling his first car to buy an archaic 8 track reel to reel, Steven has been obsessed with recording music. For him, recording studios are not the end game of writing, but where the writing itself often takes place.

Steven has been a writer, musician, and producer in multiple bands. He has lived through the highs and lows of recording contracts, played countless live shows and worked in studios around the world. Every single minute of that has informed how he makes music with people, and it gives him a unique and empathetic perspective from having spent considerable time in the roles of both producer and artist.

In addition to production work, he is also a skilled mix engineer and enjoys the fresh perspective of working on a project that was tracked outside of Saint Cecilia Studios. He is also a composer that often works on music for film. For more details on his work, click HERE.


Celeste Amadee

Producer - Engineer - Vocalist

Celeste is an engineer and producer specializing in vocal production. She has been on the stage since she was 10, and offers a unique perspective in the studio because of her own performance background. When she’s not recording other people's music, she is busy writing, recording and performing with her indie-pop band BOYGIRLBOY.

While attending school at Portland State University for vocal performance, she began recording her friends on an old version of Garageband and writing songs of her own. Over the years she has developed an ear for how to help artists find their unique sound, and is constantly listening to music for new ideas and old tricks to bring into her projects. She views her projects through the lens of a singer - with a focus on getting the lyrics and vocal performance just right, and using that to inform the direction of the rest of the song.

Whether you are a band or solo musician needing to record your songs, or a music producer looking for a classic but ultra-modern approach to working with your artist on getting the vocals right, Celeste can help. In addition to working out of Saint Cecilia Studios on her own productions, Celeste is also available for outside projects as a vocal producer and session singer. Please get in touch HERE for more info.