COMPUTERS/CONVERSION: 27” iMac w/ 32 GB of RAM and 2nd Monitor Redundant Thunderbolt RAID drives Apollo 16 Thunderbolt 16x16 I/O Hand soldered Switchcraft TRS Patchbay with Mogami Cabling

MONITORING/HEADPHONES: Adams A7X Prime Acoustic Monitor Stands/Stabalizer Hear Technologies Hear Back hub and mixers Speck VF10M 10 channel summing mixer Sennheiser HD280 headphones (x6) Beyer Dynamic DT770 headphones

PREAMPS/INPUT: Chandler LTD-1 (x2 - sequential serial numbers) JHS Colour Box 500 series (x2) CAPI VP28 (x2 - matched pair) CAPI VP26 (x2 - matched pair) Summit TPA-200A Stereo Tube Preamp Cloud Cloudlifter-Z (custom built stereo pair) Avalon U5 DI (x2)

PLUGINS: We have too many plugins to list and our collection is always growing. We have the old reliables like Sound Toys, Slate, McDSP, as well most of the WAVES collection. In addition we have many of the UAD, Manley, Melodyne, as well as some extensive sample and soft synth libraries. If there is something specific you are needing, feel free to reach out and we’ll get you the info you need.

OUTBOARD: Empirical Labs El Fatso Jr. Stereo Compressor Empirical Labs EL-8 Compressor (x2 - sequential serial numbers) Hairball 1176 Bluestripe Compressor (x2 - matched pair) Drip Custom built GATES STA LEVEL Tube Compressor Drip Custom built Pultec EQP1A Tube Equalizer (x2 - matched pair) Radial 500 series X-Amp Radial 500 series EXTC Vintage Roland RE-201 Space Echo

MICROPHONES: Coles 4038 Ribbons (x2 - matched pair) Cloud JRS35 Ribbons (x2) Mojave MA200 Tube Condensor (x2) AKG 414 (x2) Lawson L47 FET Beyer Dynamic M88 Beyer Dynamic M201 Sennheiser 421 (x2) Electro Voice RE20 Shure SM7B Shure SM57 (x4) Shure SM58 (x2)

INSTRUMENTS: Drums: Vintage 60’s Ludwig Champaign Kit (10”/14” Toms) Vintage 60’s Ludwig Champaign Snare Supraphonic Snare Black Beauty Snare Miscellaneous Hats/Cymbals/Percussion/Hardware/Etc Guitars: Vintage 1976 Fender Mustang Bass Gretsch Tennessee Rose Gibson Les Paul Standard Guild T-Bird Vintage Gibson Lapsteel Vintage Gibson J50 Acoustic Vintage Guild D25 Acoustic Vintage Martin Nylon Acoustic Martin Fiberglass Parlor Acoustic Amps: Vox AC30 Herritage Hand-Wired Head and Cab Vintage Ampeg B15 Flip-top Pedals: Proco Keely Modified RAT Brown Amplification Protein Drive Brown Amplification Custom Bypass Strip JHS Colour Box EWS Fuzzy Drive Fulltone OCD Earthquaker Devices Organizer DMD Tremelo ZVEX Super Hard On (x2) Strymon El Capistan Strymon Blue Sky JHS The Milkman Keys: Kawaii K-18EA Upright Piano Roland Juno-6 Multivox MX-20 Arp Quartet Farfisa Chord Organ Estey Priests Pump Organ Fender Rhodes MKII