Created by artists - for artists, we are not what you might think of as traditional hourly/daily rate recording studio. Each artist and project is different with a unique set of needs that we aim to discover. We are tremendous believers in the power of collaboration. We want to learn your songs and get inside of them. We are here to understand what you’re wanting to say and help find the best, most authentic way for you to say it. We go into a project prepared, but we also love surprises. Sometimes you don’t know what you want until you hear it. We want to help you hear it.

We want to re-imagine how artists think about music production. Whether you are an established artist with a strong vision, a new artist looking to develop your sound, or a director needing original composition for film, we can meet you where you’re at. From the first conversations about your vision, to preproduction, tracking, mixing, and recommending the right mastering engineer or vinyl pressing plant, we line up along side you and help with the details. This allows you to be the artist and to focus on creating and staying in the right side of your brain. We have personal experience as to why this is important, because we are musicians and performing artists ourselves. When we are working on our own music, we surround ourselves with those that can help us protect our artistic process.

We are a modern room with a small footprint. Included are most of the accoutrements of a full scale studio while taking advantage of the technology that allows us to be sleeker and a little lighter on our feet. We have a healthy collection of analog preamps, outboard gear, instruments, software instruments, sample libraries, microphones, and plugins. Our collection is always growing and evolving. For a current gear list click HERE.